The Skoda Superb Adaptive Front Light System

Is driving at night a struggle for you? Here’s a solution that’s literally easy on the eyes: the Skoda Superb Adaptive Front Light System (AFS).

There’s no doubt that the bi-xenon headlamps are the highlights of the Skoda Superb. With built-in headlight washers, automatic rain sensors, and a number of other functions, cruising the streets has just become simpler and safer. The AFS automatically adjusts itself as it senses ambient weather conditions and vehicle speed. “Rain” mode, for example, shortens the light beams and points them downward. The “Motorway” mode, on the other hand, narrows and lengthens the light beams to make distant vision clearer. It also points slightly to the right to aid in overtaking. The “Interurban” mode kicks in between zero to nine mph and 31 to 55 mph, while the “Urban” mode is the default between nine to 31 mph.

You can even bring your Skoda Superb abroad. The AFS has a “tourist light” function which can switch between right-hand and left-hand drive angles. They’re merciful on other drivers too. Instead of the blinding glare incoming motorists get from other headlamps, they will simply bathe in the glow of your Skoda Superb. And possibly seethe with envy.

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