The three most common car problems and how to fix them

Owning a car is an expensive business thanks to the price of petrol and the need to MOT each year, but cars become most costly when something goes wrong with them. The more you can do for yourself, the less expensive motoring becomes. We’ve got a rundown of some of the most common car problems and how to fix them.

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Flat tyre

This is the one thing that every motorist needs to know how to do. Even if you’ve got AA cover or Greenflag roadside assistance, you should still make sure you’re aware of how to change a flat tyre. Most cars have a spare tyre in the boot. Others have them on the underside of the car. When you take the spare tyre out, you’ll see a small car jack and a racket which are kept within the spare wheel. Your car’s manual should show you were the jacking points are, if not put the jack on a stable part of the car’s frame and then jack the car up. You will need some force to get the nuts off the tyre and you’ll need an equal amount of effort to tighten them up again when the new tyre’s in place.

Replacing a light bulb

Changing a light bulb in a car isn’t anywhere near as easy as it is in your home. In a car, the bulb needs to stay in place when you drive over rough roads and a light bulb has to be aligned correctly at all times to make sure the light beam doesn’t trouble other drivers so a car’s light bulbs are normally fixed in place with fasteners and clips that make them hard to get out. Your car’s manual will explain exactly how to replace the bulbs, but the normal process for most cars involves the removal of a housing that protects the electrics attached to the bulb. Then there’s a clip to remove to release the bulb. The process is reversed to get it all back together. The most important thing you need is time so you don’t rush it, and you need good light to work under so an underground car park is ideal if there’s no natural light.

Dead battery

The other common problem we should all be able to rectify for ourselves is a dead battery. If you think the battery's faulty and needs replacing, unplug the positive terminal first and then the negative. It should lift out easily allowing you to put the new one in its place.

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