The truth about no speed limit highways like the Autobahn

Can there really be no speed limit roads in today’s overly protected world where were car safety has taken over every aspect of the car’s design including the car’s shape in order to protection pedestrians and it’s interior design in order to protect the passengers?


Autobahn vehicle class

The fact is that the German Autobahnen has no mandated speed limit, but only if you’re driving certain classes of vehicle. Speed limits are in place for trucks, buses, cars that are towing trailers, and small motorised vehicles like mopeds.

Speed limits

The other thing that the German authorities have done with the road network is to impose speed limits across some of the Autobahn’s 8,046 miles so the road network isn’t completely speed limit free. When you review the stats, more than 50% of Autobahns have speed limits because they run through urbanised areas, or they’re substandard, accident-prone, or remain under construction. There are a further 10% of these roads that have variable speed limit boards in place.


  • 60 km/h (37 mph) – Buses with standing passengers and Motorcycles pulling trailers
  • 80 km/h (50 mph) - Vehicles with maximum allowed weight exceeding 3.5t. Passenger cars or trucks with trailers
  • 100 km/h (62 mph) – Passenger cars pulling trailers certified for 100 km/h and Buses certified for 100 km/h not towing trailers

Electronically limited cars

German car makers are a very sensible bunch. Even those who bring the world AMG or M-Sport versions of their fastest saloons do so under a gentlemen’s agreement that they’re cars are electronically limited to 155mph. So that means that if you’re on the Autobahn and a super saloon from Audi, VW, BMW or Mercedes-Benz comes up behind with its indicators flashing, he’ll speed passed at a speed more than twice the UK’s motorway limit.

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