The Ugliest Cars

The guys driving the cool cars get the ladies, don’t they? But snickers and horrified looks are all they’ll get if they’re seen rolling around in any of the hideous cars on our list…

  • Corbin Sparrow. A cross between Lightning McQueen’s custom forklift Guido in the Cars film and a shiny golf cart, the Corbin Sparrow is the three-wheeled, battery-run vehicle dished out in 1999 by the defunct Corbin Motors. This unsightly car (if you can call it that) was available then in jellybean model and pizza-butt version (which used to deliver Dominos Pizza), and sported an array of bright, eye-candy colours—green, yellow, lilac, aqua, orange, magenta, among others. Sadly (for the company) and fortunately (for the rest of the population), the car’s bright colours weren’t enough to sell it, leading to its “demise” in 2002.
    • Bond Bug. Surely James Bond would rather drink a stirred martini than get caught riding in this weird-looking 1970s sports car with three wheels. Built by Reliant and designed by Tom Karen of Ogle Design, this tangerine, wedge-shaped micro car with a lift-up canopy was used in a cigarette and Cape fruit advertisements, and was sold under Bond Cars Ltd. Easy on the mockery, though; this bug cost £ 629, and is sought after today by collectors.
      • Fiat Multipla. Fiat designers must not have been in the right state of mind when they produced this oddball. Fiat Multipla is a six-eyed compact MPV that deviated away from the looks of its rivals. Obviously extraordinary, it was displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Simon Cowell, when shown a picture of the car, said it had a disease. And we totally agree.

      Here are more four-wheeled uglies. Check them out, but don't say we didn't warn you!

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