Top theory test tips

You can take your driving theory test once you have received your provisional license and are at least 17 years old. You must pass your theory test before you can take your practical test. To help you prepare for your test and combat any pre-test nerves, we've prepared a list of the top theory test tips.

Top theory test tips

  • Our first, and most important, tip for your driving theory test is to be confident. Of course exams are nerve wracking, but if you have learned your stuff then there's no reason to let the jitters get in your way.
  • You will have to answer 50 multiple-choice questions based on the Highway Code and road safety. A database for all possible questions is available in DSA books and through websites such as driving-test-success.com. It's a good idea to read through all questions and understand why they are answered as they are. This does not have to be as time consuming as it sounds - many questions have "common sense" answers and you can often skim through these.
  • You'll need to learn a few things off by heart. These include the meaning of streets signs, national speed limits on different road types, stopping distances (thinking distances and breaking distances) and the colour of lights on a road.
  • During the test, you can mark any answers that you are unsure about and come back to them at the end. This is recommended, because there is a time limit for the test and it's important not to waste time stuck on one or two questions.
  • If you're not sure about an answer, make an educated guess. You won't gain any marks by leaving it blank.

Hazard perception theory test tips

  • Search for free mock videos online (e.g. 2pass.co.uk)
  • Click as soon as you see a potential hazard e.g. a child on the footpath looking over their shoulder
  • Click again as the hazard develops e.g. the child steps off the footpath as you approach. This will ensure that you will get points if your first click was too early
  • Avoid clicking more than three times per hazard - the programme may consider this to be "irregular" and give you a score of 0

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