There’s more value in a used car than meets the eye!

If you‘re looking for a budget vehicle to get you around, buying a used car is a great option.

Second-hand cars come in a range of conditions and prices and, by doing a little research on the internet and some careful shopping around, you could pick up a real bargain!

Choosing a ‘runaround’ with a small engine size can save you money as it will consume less petrol and incur a lower insurance premium than a larger, more powerful vehicle.

Using your car to travel to work could help you avoid paying train fares – and having to be governed by the rail timetable. That might even mean a few extra minutes’ sleep in the morning!

As well as being cheap to run, a used car can also be cheap to buy – if you are able to pay cash, you can avoid years of debt and paying installments! Buying a car in this way is also a good option for those who find it hard to get credit.

If you’re a student, a used car is a wise choice to keep costs down and, besides, the retro look of some older models can be rather cool!

For those with a full, clean driving licence, getting yourself a used car might just lead to getting a job, too – for example, distributing catalogues and telephone directories door to door, or delivering small items.

And used vehicles are often best for those learning to drive, as you might not want to risk denting a shiny, brand new machine while practising your parallel parking!

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