They come in colours

Those crazy cats at Ford seem to have the world on a stick with their Fiesta, Focus and Explorer models going great guns. But not content with that, Ford is out to give its cars a few little modifications here and there to give the cars that extra edge over competitors.

Their crafty wheeze to increase sales figures is simple: add some colour. After conducting research into which colours sell best where, Ford found that bright colours are popular in warm cities, with silver and gray favourites on the coast. The new colours it is set to launch its vehicles in are: Blue Candy, Race Red and Ginger Ale.

‘We’ve refreshened, we’ve added new colors, we’re continuing to evolve our paint colour palette,’ are the words of Susan Swek, Ford’s chief designer for Colour and Materials. ‘There’s always new colours coming out because customer tastes change, just as they do in fashion.’

Ford will bstart selling cars in the new colours later in the year on the aforementioned models. with an additional colour, Frosted Glass, to come out next year for the Focus range.

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