Things to check on a car before a long road trip

If you’re thinking of going on a road trip, you’ll need to check your car before you set off. Even if you have breakdown cover, you should make sure that your car’s in order before you set off.

Air pressures

Checking your tyres is very important. Get your owner’s manual out or use a site like tyre-pressures.com to get the correct air pressure. You may also find this information on the inside of the driver’s door as there’s normally a sticker near the area where the door hinges. While you’re at it, check the air pressure of your spare tyre too. That’s something that most of us forget to check, but it’s really important when you’re going on a long drive.

Wash the car

Washing your car is part of the maintenance routine, it’s not just for aesthetic reasons. If you’re pushed for time, make sure that the windows are clean and check the wiper blades for wear and tear while you’re at it.

Check your lights

If you only ever drive in the daylight, you might not realise when your bulbs are out. Go around the car checking this. You can flash the car’s indicator lights by blipping it closed but you’ll need to open the car to check the headlights and running lights. Make sure you do this with enough time to spare in case you need to get replacement bulbs.

Check the fluids

Checking the coolant, oil and brake fluids before you leave will help you avoid a breakdown. As this trip will likely be further than you normally travel in the car, you’ll need to make sure the car’s in top shape. Fill up the windscreen wash too as motorway driving always leaves you with a messy windscreen.

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