Vehicles with extra dimensions: third row seats

Perhaps you’ve thought about how great it would be to drive a car with third row seats? If you’ve then been put off by the thought of some clunky 1970s station-waggon, complete with wood trimmings, think again. In the modern era, a diverse range of vehicles are available boasting third row seats.

Third row seats: what you should be considering

So why might you be tempted to go for the third row option? It can sometimes be such a tight squeeze cramming a family plus baggage into a car, especially when embarking on a holiday journey. Gone are the days when kids could be satisfied with a bucket and spade – nowadays your charges are probably in possession of enough gadgetry to warrant a second trip to your destination. With personal computers and gaming consoles, iPads and iPod docking stations, not to mention the vast wardrobe required for today’s fashion-conscious children, that extra space would be a tempting consideration.

Another terrific incentive is the fact that environmental issues are coming into the equation more and more. With many offices now suggesting car-pooling, it makes sense to have the ability to transform your car into a comfortable, miniature mini-bus.

How about some options? Starting at just over £26K, the Volvo V70 is a practical but stylish coupe-style car with that all-important third row. It also boasts excellent fuel efficiency (up to 887 miles on one tank).

The Ford Taurus X has raised third row seats but is just as manoeuvrable as any car. This classy American model can easily accommodate seven passengers.

Recommended vehicles with third row seats

For complete versatility, look no further than the Ford Expedition. This is an excellent example of a sports utility vehicle (SUV), with third row seats providing maximum cargo capacity, as well as impressive handling. The third row seat will easily fold down to the floor, allowing extra storage room when required (even although the vehicle is roomy enough already).

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