Thou shalt not drink and drive

A drop of 12 percent from 2009 in the number of motorists breathalysed during June has been reported.

Meanwhile the proportion of those who test positive rose. 'Whilst there has been a fall in the number of breath tests carried out in this year’s campaign the increase in the percentage of positive tests shows that we are targeting the offending drivers more effectively,' said traffic cop Chief Constable Phil Gormley.

But the fall coincides with an even sharper rise of 16.63 percent in the number of collisions reported by police.

'We are surprised and disappointed that there has been an increase in the proportion of positive breath tests,' AA president Edmund King said.

'We thought there should have been a reduction in the proportion over the limit as our polling shows that 60% of drivers have cut back on journeys and of the 45% cutting back on expenditure more than half of them have cut back on eating out.

'It appears that there is still a hard-core of drivers willing to risk life, limb and their licence by continuing to drink drive.

'We are pleased that the police have targeted more drug drivers but the 100% increase in arrests for drug driving shows that too many motorists are taking a drug induced trip rather than a safe trip.'

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