Three Reasons Why Vespa’s Still Fascinating

In this day and age when cars and motorcycles sport cutting-edge designs, and technologically advanced features are standard-issue, a tiny, vintage-looking scooter may seem unimpressive. But drive around in a Vespa and it’s a whole different story.

Since the launch of first-ever Vespa scooter in 1946, people have been gushing about it. Here are three reasons why loads of people adore this charming little vehicle.

  • It’s a design icon. No other scooter can rival the extraordinary elegance the Vespa exudes. Designed after the pre-WWII Cushman scooters used by the US military, Vespa scooters are perfect images of sophistication, with a classic twist.
  • It’s powerful. Though tiny, Vespa scooters will take you far (compared with other scooters) with its workhorse engines and proven kilometres per litre fuel efficiency.
  • Famous people drive it. If Vespa is good enough for the rich and famous, then it must be good. Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Steven Spielberg are just some of its popular riders. So if you drive one, you're in good company.

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