Tigar hitris tyres, gripping well

Michelin, the world famous tyre manufacturer and designer of quality tyres are the main business shareholder of this tyre brand.  The Tigar Hitris is recognized by its asymmetric, centrally diagonal treads and horizontal outer treads.

Considered to be in the budget range of tyres they nonetheless exhibit good performance for their price.  They operate to high safety standards in wet weather with good gripping performance so are good value for money.  Also they produce low road noise when in motion due to the Michelin tread design.  Aquaplaning, the condition in wet weather where a vehicle’s tyres tend to skim on top of the water on a road at high speeds is very much reduced.

One of the best selling tyres in Europe, the Tigar Hitris has proved to be very reliable in maintaining stability and manuverability in some very challenging conditions.  The size range for these tyres start at 14 inch up to 16 inch and are usually directed toward the family to executive range so applicable for use in a broad range of car models.

Safety, good quality and great value for money are staples for this tyre range. The exterior tyre walls and gripping surface look good and have been proven to last for well over the 6000 mile replacement threshold of many more higher priced tyre models.  Starting at around 36 pounds sterling, this tyre range is best suited for both economy and comfort. Also comfort for your pocket too.

So if you're looking for quality tyres at an affordable price invest in some tigar hitris tyres today.

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