Tips for a Long Car Trip with Children

Anyone with kids know that planning a head is always the key. When it comes to long car trips, managing to keep your children quiet and entertained can be quite a task - that's why we've listed the top tips for a long car trip with children to help you get off to a smooth start.

Tune Up!

Make sure you check your car thoroughly before you leave. Have it MOT tested if you need, just make sure it'll run throughout the trip. The last thing your want to add to your journey is an expected long stop in the garage.

Plan for your children

Everyone's kids are different and only you know yours best. Plan stops every few hours according to your children's routine and plan your route to meet these pit-stop requirements.

Bathroom Stops

When going for bathroom breaks, make sure all your children go to toilet, even if they don't feel like going. Look for green spaces, such as parks, to allow your children to have a bit of freedom or even a bite to eat before jumping back in the car.


One of our top tips for a long car trip with children is to keep them entertained. Consider making a bag with dollar-store items instead for your children, to give them on the journey as a surprise. Include things like crayons, etch-a-sketch, putty and colouring books. It won't keep the entertained all the way, but it will peek their interest for a good few hours.


Keep a cooler in the car with snacks, cold drinks and lunches to avoid stopping at potentially unkempt roadside restaurants. Avoid sugar goods at the beginning of the jrouney.


Decide a head of time, with your family, what kind of music you'll be playing in the car. Consider making a selection of music so everyone can listen to their favourites.

Final Tips

Our final tips for a long car trip with your children is to be prepared for fussing, crying and whining and try to ignore 80% of it. Save the electronics and entertainment devices until everything else fails and as a last resort to keep your children entertained - or wait until your children give up crying and fall asleep!

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