Tired motorist fined for napping

A fifty pound fine has been imposed by Moto Services on napping driver James Orr has been condemned by motor safety organisations and a government minister.

The driver decided to stop for a nap at the service station near Exeter while driving from London to Exeter during the early hours of the morning.

'I was exhausted and I didn’t want to risk falling asleep at the wheel,'he said. 'It wouldn’t have been safe for me to continue.'

But weeks later he was issued with a Parking Charge Notice issued by a private firm on behalf of Moto.

'Fatigue is one of the biggest contributors to death and injuries on our roads,' responded Jim Fitzpatrick, a former transport minister currently Labour's road safety spokesperson.

'I think it is entirely inappropriate that somebody who has behaved responsibly should be penalised for taking his own and other people’s safety into account. It is utterly outrageous.'

The AA also condemned the fine. Its spokesperson said: 'This is barking. A tired driver is a hazard and if they have the sense they should not be penalised for doing so.

'This clearly racks of raising money rather than being about road safety.

'A sleepy driver is not going to wander around looking at detailed signing.

'Service area parking areas should see reason when it comes to automatic enforcement like this.'

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