Too much 'confusion'

Bemused parents type into google the search term: 'child car seat information', and end up on The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website desperately looking to find out, five years after new child seat laws were passed, about which seats are suitable for their children, and at what age children can move from one seat to a bigger size.

The charity organisation was visited a record number of times – 129,000 – in August.

The new laws it was estimated would prevent 2,000 child injuries per year. The actual number was 1,500, though the figure didn't really have much to do with the new seats.

The RoSPA's Duncan Vernon said: 'The safest way for a child to travel in a car is in a child seat that is correct for his or her weight and size, and the law also requires this.

'Furthermore, the importance of properly fitting a child seat cannot be overstated, so that it works as it is designed to in a crash.'

Parents have been warned never to buy a used child car seat. Also, Grandparents need to make sure they have the right sort of car seat, even though they may not be driving the little'uns so often.

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