Top car insurance websites

If you're looking for a car insurance quote then you'll soon become aware of the unrivalled value offered through car insurance comparison sites. You could literally save hundreds on your car insurance premium by checking one out today!

These insurance comparison sites are proving to be some of the most popular websites on the internet; but perhaps the most popular is comparethemarket.com - home of the famous, or rather infamous, "Compare the Meerkat" advertisements.

Discarding their advertising, this site is probably the best insurance comparison site on the web. Compare the Market allows you to compare quotes from up to 400 different car insurers. They allow you to compare a variety of policies and extras like breakdown cover, no claims discount protection and motor legal protection.

All of their quotes can be attained online in minutes - all you need to do is fill in one simple form. They even have specialised sections for women drivers, the always tricky 'Young Driver Insurance' and 4 X 4 insurance. You can click on your car manufacturer to see useful information for your make and model. This really is the one stop shop for all kinds of motor insurance.

Take advantage of Compare the Market's extensive guides to car insurance excess, car insurance groups, and named drivers.

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