Top Gear again

Fancy watching Jeremy Clarkson and Co till your heart's content on Facebook? Well now you can,as the Top Gear team have announced a new Facebook 'currency' system allowing fans of the show to watch full episodes on the 'book.

Here's how it works. Become a fan of the show on Facebook and you'll be able to select handpicked episodes and stream them for 48 hours without leaving the Facebook website.

Not all episodes will be available at one time unfortunately, as teh BBC has decided to stagger availability. It'll be a bit like programming – you'll be able to watch 'US Road trip' from August 28 and the 'Vietnam Road Trip' will from September 4.

For 15 Facebook credits, fans of the show in Canada, the US and New Zealand will have access to the show. It looks like a wheeze that will catch on, especially as Top Gear is the world's most popular show dedicated to motoring and all things four-wheeled.

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