Top Gear Season 20 Stunt at The Mall

Jeremy Clarkson never apologises when he says things that upset people or when he pulls off stunts that annoy them, so no there won’t be an apology following his latest adventure. Taking £200million of British cars on to any road in London is asking for trouble, but the Top Gear presenter didn’t just take the cars shown in this image onto the Mall, he left them there to create the world’s most expensive traffic jam.

It’s also one of the world’s most glamorous traffic jams because Aston Martins, Jaguars, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and McLarens were parked side by side. There were racing cars including a 1959 Le Mans winning Aston Martin DBR1, and F1 cars from Force India, McLaren, Lotus and Red Bull Racing. The patriotic guys at Top Gear also included a British built Bloodhound, a supersonic car that’s aiming to break the land speed record. In true Top Gear style, Clarkson and the boys also included tractors, black cabs and an ice cream van. Clarkson even brought along his own invention, the P45, which looks like a modified mobility scooter.

Hammond, May and Clarkson are busy filming the last stunts for the upcoming season which will include a car versus powerboat challenge in New Zealand, limousine drifting, and a super car race in Spain. Other highlights include a revamped car for the Star in a Reasonably Price Car section of the show, hovercraft racing and the boys getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Let’s hope that the Stig gets to take it around the Top Gear test track afterwards.

Just how much further Clarkson and co can go with Top Gear remains to be seen, but they’ve obviously not given up on shocking British audiences with their antics. The new season begins Sunday 30th June at 8pm. It promises to be the wildest one yet.

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