Top Gear US spin-off

According to one of those Channel 4 top 100 shows recently, Top Gear was voted the best TV show of the millennium by the public and to help raise some money and push the award winning brand the BBC have confirmed that they are to make a US spin-off of the show.

Top Gear US will be fronted by three new presenters from North America; comic Adam Ferrara, racing analyst Rutledge Wood and stunt driver Tanner Foust and will be shown Stateside on the History Channel from the Autumn. Jance Tranter of the BBCs commercial leg BBC WorldWide said expect a very similar show to the UK version; ‘Top Gear has been one of the BBC's most successful formats globally and we are delighted to be partnering with History on a version for the US. Together we have worked to tailor the format for the American audience, while staying true to the original dynamic that fans across the world have come to love.’

Bad news if you thought one Jeremy Clarkson was enough, good news if you don’t.

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