Top Speed Porsche

The Porsche Carrera GT is easily one of Porsche best production road cars on the market. Being German there is no loss of concentration anywhere in the building of this car. They have ensured that the car has no excess weight anywhere and have managed to achieve near perfection in the building of this vehicle. The clutch on this car way less than 4kg thanks to modern lightweight materials such as carbon fibre, even the breaks are made from silicon carbine to reduce unnecessary weight.

Porsche have spared no expense with this car and they haven't been afraid to push it out as far as innovation goes. The 5.7lt V10 engine is actually a racing engine that they have some how crammed into a road car. Pumping out 612BHP the Carrera GT hits 0-60 in a staggering 3.9 seconds! The detailing that has gone into perfecting this piece of automotive mastery is apparent in every element of design and construction. From lashings of carbon fibre in all the right places to a straight as it comes beachwood gear stick, Porsche have put maximum effort into every nook and cranny of this vehicle.

If you want speed, speed and more speed then this is the car for you. This is a master class in engineering and it is motoring in it's rawest form. This car will not drive you, you will have to tame this V10 beast yourself but when you do, you will realise just how good this car is.

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