Tough 'L'ove

The Transport Select Committee estimates that road congestion will cost an extra £22 billion by 2025 if the problem is not soon addressed.

And MPs want to change motorists' behviour and improve the skills of young drivers in order to achieve this.

'It’s about having more responsible driving and not getting involved in bad behaviour and road rage,' said the committee chairperson Louise Ellman.

'When the road narrows and two lanes converge into one people can start undertaking. Bad driving behaviour can add to the problem with people getting angry and not reading the road signs properly.'

Other initiatives included making sure drivers are always up-to-date on the Highway Code, perhaps by devising an app for smartphones.

'This report contains some good suggestions to reduce road congestion,' said Edmund King, president of the AA.

'The report did not consider road building but we believe it could have placed greater emphasis on junction improvements and traffic light phasing. We do question why the first recommendation in the Committee’s press release for reducing congestion is a tougher driving test.

'Whilst a tougher test might be needed on road safety grounds it would do little to reduce congestion. In terms of getting out of the jam a tougher test is a red herring.'

He continued: 'Drivers tend to hog the middle lane because they are inconsiderate rather than because they don’t know the rules of the road.

'Some drivers get involved in road rage because they have anger management problems not because they don’t know the Highway Code,' he added.

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