Toyota accused over recall

Toyota last year earned the dubious claim to fame of being responsible for the world’s largest vehicle recall, and this week 2.17million vehicles were added to last year’s figure of 14 million.

Last year’s recall was due to a faulty floor mat that could entrap the acceleration pedal. This year’s recall are for the same problem, which has led one whistleblowing company to cry foul.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro says the new recall should have been last year as well, because Toyota said in its own words it knew about the floor mat problem.

’This latest recall stands in sharp contrast to Toyota's repeated declarations that they know where the floor-mat problems existed, and they have already acted to correct them. This is obviously not the case, and this sort of revelation calls into question the veracity and credibility of the other claims the company has made regarding this issue,’ the firm says in a statement.

Oh, give them a brake!

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