We check out the Toyota Avensis alloy wheels on sale at Halfords

As one of the biggest car parts retailers in the United Kingdom it's no surprise that Halfords have a huge range of Toyota Avensis alloy wheels for sale both on their website and in their stores. You can pick up some amazing deals that you simply won't find anywhere else on standalone alloys as well as package deals including full sets of alloy wheels and tyres.

Picking which alloy wheels suit your car best is very much down to personal preference. From a technical standpoint you'll need to figure out which size is best for your needs, but aside from that you're pretty much free to be as creative and unique as you like with your decision.

Many people like the more understated eight spoke design, while the classic five spoke design appeals to those who like to keep things simple and straightforward. Only you can decide on the design that best suits your personal taste, but Halfords are bound to have something that tickles your fancy among their huge selection.

Prices start at just £280.00 for the Ripseed Flare 15 inch alloy wheels, which come complete with tyres. You can choose to fit them yourself, or have the Halfords team carry the technical stuff out for just £39.99. If you don't have prior experience in changing wheels, we recommend you go with the latter, at least just so you can find out how it's supposed to be done properly.

Those of you who want to really splash out can go for the gorgeous Calibre Pro 7 17 inch seven spoke alloy in black for just £580.00 including tyres. This stylish finish will definitely bring out the absolute best in any car.

For more Toyota Avensis alloys at Halfords, check out the website at www.halfords.com and have a look around today!

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