Toyota car key caused carbon monoxide deaths?

A man in New York and a woman in Florida have died after their Toyota cars were inadvertently left running after being parked in their garages at home.

Relatives of the victims claim that Toyota itself is at least partly responsible for the deaths for not proving adequate warnings, or ensuring that the engines cut out if cars are left for a long time running.

Mary Rivera, from Queens, New York, was left with brain damage, while her partner, Ernest Codelia, 79, was killed, after she left the quiet engine of her Toyota running in her garage in February 2009. She is suing Toyota for 'all economic and non-economic damages available under New York law'. Others seems set to follow suit.

A spokesperson for Toyota said: 'Toyota sympathises with the families of anyone injured as a result of exposure to carbon monoxide,' before adding: 'Toyota’s electronic key system fully complies with applicable federal motor vehicle standards and provides multiple layers of visual and auditory warnings.'

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