toyota celica wheels sale - try before you buy!

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Toyota Celica wheels sale is an exciting sounding prospect when you've made up your mind to transform your car but are you aware that not every rim can fit your Toyota Celica? That there are actually dozens of different bolt patterns for rims and this can make shopping for wheels quite difficult?

If this needs to be a consideration for your new purchases then log on to andysautosport.com/rims/toyota_celica and try out their Celica rims simulator tool. This tool ensures that you aren't just guessing if a rim will fit your car but that you'll know for sure what will work for you.

The rim simulator runs on a computer that has Java Virtual Machine software installed but this is an easily installed program and it's free to download and use from the Java website.

Once you know exactly what you're looking for then you can start comparing prices. Log on to wheelbasealloys.com for an extensive range of alloys for your Toyota Celica.

Here you can buy a complete set of 4 15" Team Dynamics jet anthracite alloys from only 269 pounds or you could be driving away with 19" 5 spoke Diamond Crush black polished wheels from 498 pounds. The 20" Konig wheels are multispoke, deep dish and feature a polished face and lip will set you back a hefty 995 pounds so it is definitely worth checking that they will fit your vehicle before you invest in them! There are helpline numbers on this site so that you can contact their customer care staff should you have any questions before you commit to a purchase.

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