Toyota cuts UK production

Toyota is having to cut production at its UK plant in Burnaston, following parts shortages due to the catastrophic Japanese earthquake.

From the beginning of May, the UK plant will be operational just three half days a week. With the reduced schedule, the compant hopes to be able to better manage the greatly reduced supply of car parts from Japan. The carmaker plans for the reduced schedule to last until the end of next month.

The move follows similar plans to cut production in North America and China by up to 70 per cent until the month of June.

The reduction is likely to lead to a shortfall of about half a million cars, and spell disaster for employees of the carmaker forced to sit twiddling their thumbs until the next batch of car parts jets in.

Toyota is not the only Japanese car manufacturer hit with shortages and delays because of the earthquake/tsunami double whammy, Nissan and Honda are also experiencing testing times.

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