Let's take a look at the range of Toyota hybrids

Toyota has been one of the leading drivers behind Hybrid technology ever since they launched the Prius ten years ago. The Japanese giants haven't stopped there though, they've continued to refine their hybrid process, and have recently brought out the new Hybrid Synergy Drive engine.

The problem with Toyota hybrids has always been the fact that the petrol engine still does all the work in getting the engine to peak performance, with the electric engine acting merely as an ancillary force. The aim of the Hybrid Synergy Drive has been to flip that on its head, and have the electrical engine doing most of the donkey work.

It's the perfect invention for people who want to experience the pleasure of driving, without the fear that they are conspiring to help bring about a poorer environment. The tech behind the new engine is quite simple. A new, more powerful, 1.5 litre petrol engine works together with a smaller, more efficient electric motor, to deliver a seriously powerful experience.

In fact, the electric motor is now more powerful on its own than most 1.0– to 1.2–litre internal combustion engines. With the two engines working together, 0–100 km/h acceleration falls below 11 seconds and is comparable to a conventional 2.0–litre diesel car. The electric engine is the main driver of the car at the most common speeds between 50-80 km/h, meaning noise and vibration are kept to a minimum.

It's still not the perfect solution, but until electric cars become widespread, it's as good as we're going to get.

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