Toyota SEMA 2013 CamRally by Kyle Busch Motorsports

Toyota will be bringing six vehicles to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show next week. Four of the six machines have been developed under the “Toyota Dream Build Challenge” banner by sportsmen who represent the Japanese car maker.

The lead car and the one featured in our main image is a Toyota Camry that’s been developed for Rallying by NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Parker Kligerman and his Kyle Busch Motorsports team at their 77,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina. There was nothing special about the 2013 Camry SE until KBM got their hands on it, transforming it into the CamRally with the addition of a wide body, a strip down the centre and a turbocharger attached to the engine.

“This Camry may look like a work of art, but we put some real muscle and functionality throughout the entire vehicle,” Kligerman said. “In rally racing, we’re not just protecting against a wall, but from trees too. Detroit Speed did an amazing job and after working with them I can see why they are the defending champs. With the help of their many partners, they were able to put all the bells and whistles on this car and they left just enough room in the trunk for us to bring the trophy from the Toyota Dream Build Challenge back to Kyle Busch Motorsports for the second straight year.”

Last year, Kyle Busch Motorsports produced the Rowdy Edition Camry, a black coloured, mean looking machine that took the mild styling of the family saloon and added a wild hand-formed body kit, custom underbody aero part and a front splitter that gave the car a sloping front end. A custom dual exhaust system changed the soundtrack and a couple of Rowdy badges completed the look.

The other Toyotas produced for the challenge included a Toyota Tundra pickup truck given a make-over by the Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross team that’s been called Let’s Go Moto Tundra, and a Corolla produced by freestyle skier Simon Dumont and Herbst Smith Fabrication.

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