We hunt for the best deals on Toyota Starlet alloys

The Toyota Starlet may not be the biggest, or indeed most stylish, car on the road, but it has certainly become something of a favourite among younger drivers who see it as an excellent starting point in the road to learning the ins and outs of car modification.

Since they can be bought relatively cheaply, and use fairly common parts, the Starlet represents an excellent introduction for those on a tight budget. As with any Toyota, you know you're going to get a hugely reliable car that will last you for years, regardless of its age, and with the parts freely available, any work that needs doing can be carried out for a fraction of the cost of other cars.

One mistake made by many when it comes to the Starlet is to overdo the body work modifications. While a little bit of an aesthetic overhaul certainly isn't a bad thing on a car that looks quite aged in this day and age, going completely over the top can result in a laughably childish looking car.

One way to avoid such issues is to stay subtle with your alterations. For a car like the Toyota Starlet, alloys are always a great place to start. You'll pick them up for quite reasonable prices if you know where to look, and they'll really help to modernise your car's look.

We recommend you check out www.alloywheels.com to find some of the best prices on the web for Toyota Starlet alloys. With prices starting at just £444.00 for four alloy wheels (or £520.00 including tyres), you won't have to break the bank in order to give your car a great new look.

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