Toyota-l Recall

There's the pressure of limiting your carbon footprint and now there's the news that Toyota has recalled more than a courtyard of motors due to an apparent safety fault: have we turned the corner when it comes to motoring pleasure?

Driving a car used to be a joy. However, due to increases in the price of fuel the British tradition of wheeling out your MG midget for a leisurely Sunday drive all but seems a pleasure of the past. Add to that the constant campaigns to restrict your fuel consumption and save something called ‘planet Earth’ and now UK car faves Toyota have recalled nearly all their fleet for ‘safety’ reasons.

Of course most people would happily swap the home car for public transport. But until the day the definition of public transport is a chauffeur driven Aston Martin that pulls up to your front door when you want it to and takes you to your designated destination at less than the price of an in-car Christmas Tree then give us the home car anytime. Now, how to solve the traffic problem......

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