Tracing a stolen motorbike

Having your precious two-wheeler pinched from under your nose is a constant source of worry for bikers. But now with Bike Trac tracking system technology you should be able to recover the bike, track its progress and, quite possibly, even apprenhend the felons responsible.

The device uses a motion sensor triggering a GPS receiver if certain things happen. For example, if the bike is moved more than a certain distance without the ignition being on, then an email or text message will be sent to the bike's owner.

You will be able to monitor the bike's movement via the Bike Trac website, which gives you times and speeds as well as the route the bike is taking.

While the idea is still very new, two bikes have been recovered using the system this year. You can't tell that the system is fitted, as the small black box containing the technology is buried deep into the bike itself. To detect or to remove would require some dismantling of the vehicle itself.

The cost is £299 and an annual fee of £99.

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