Track Diesel T-800 CDI - Diesel powered motorcycle

One of this year’s April Fools pranks played by a well- known motorcycle website, was that ‘US Environmental Protection Agency was lobbying to convert 75 percent of motorized cycles to clean diesel power by 2017’.

Diesel powered motorcycles however have very rarely been part of big motorcycle manufacturers development projects, some of the big Four have come out with spiffy electric scooters cashing in on the alternative fuel market, while the idea to manufacture diesel bikes has been left to small enterprising companies who are trying to launch a niche product.

Back in 2009 Dutch company E.V.A. proposed their Track Diesel T-800 CDI, an enduro adventure bike that was supposed to be on sale in Holland and then hit the world market in 2010, but apparently only 20 units were sold before EVA stopped production in 2012 due to the bad European economy and loss of investors, now the Dutch company seems to be back and tooting a 2013 edition with slightly more development.

Track T-800CDI is an 800 cc three-cylinder CDI common rail turbo diesel engine that was specifically developed by Daimler AG for the motorcycle and it features a cardan shaft drive and linked by a Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT ).

The chassis is a tube frame in Chromium Molybdenum and the front and rear suspensions are by WP: upside down 48mm forks and a preload adjuster at the rear and Brembo brakes.

Since were talking a about a diesel motorcycle which is directly linked to fuel consumption, the T-800CDI 1E Black Edition declares an average 32 Km with one litre , and they also tested the bike in the desert and that gave them 21km/l.

Last year, the Track Diesel was taken to the Texas Mile land speed event where Surface’s Driving Innovation Team used a 50/50 blend of biodiesel derived from algae and cooking oil waste produced by the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), and they were able to hit a top speed of 96.2 mph.

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