Transmission fluid problems: the symptoms

Eventually we all run in to some problem or another with our vehicle. If you think that there may be a few transmission fluid symptoms in your car showing but are a little unsure, we will run through common tansmission fluid symptoms to make sure you are in no doubt about what needs to be done.

Tell Tale Signs

There are a number of perils of not keeping your transmission fluid topped up and replacing it after every 30,000 miles. The fluid acts as a lubricator to protect the moving parts of the transmission and without appropriate fluid these parts will grind together and sometimes even overheat. It is most definitely not a problem to be ignored and needs to be addressed promptly.

There are certain transmission fluid symptoms that are a sure fire signal that you need to give your car some TLC and service it. The first of these is always right in front of you on the dash - the Check Engine warning light. If you notice any difference when changing gears then this is also a big sign. Gear changes should be smooth and hassle free by their nature. If lately you have noticed that it is a little rougher than usual to slip into gears or that there is jerking, then this is a sign that you need to replace the transmission fluid. You can also take it to your local mechanic to get a service.

Another issue that can happen with low transmission fluid is that the car will slip out of gear. The next level up from these is when you simply cannot get your car into gear in the first place. Should your transmission begin to overheat then you will get a strong smell of burning from the engine and this is a signal to stop your car and call a mechanic.

Monitor the Situation

It is important to check your transmission fluid regularly for these symptoms. You can do this by checking the dipstick and monitoring your gear changes. Prevention of transmission problems can be achieved by changing the fluid after 30,000 miles. Take note of the colour of the fluid too as the longer fluid is in the system then the blacker it gets right up until you service your car.

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