Transmission Talk

A vehicle’s transmission system is an intricate construction of gears, shafts, and other parts. It distributes power to the engine and wheels, allowing the vehicle to accelerate or maintain its speed. The two main types of transmission are manual and automatic. These innovations from Porsche and Mitsubishi add a little more sizzle to the driving experience.

Porsche developed Tiptronic transmission, a special type of transmission that allows the driver to override the automatic system. The driver can take control and drive manual if he wants. Tiptronic offers two modes: the primary mode is labelled “Drive,” and another one is called “Sport,” which delays upshifts for a sportier feel.

Mitsubishi’s INVECS (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System) is a computer-controlled automatic transmission mechanism that is capable of learning the driver’s driving style. Now on its third version, INVECS III, the internal Adaptive Shift software monitors the driver’s style then sets the up- and down-shifts accordingly, allowing a smoother driving experience.

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