Truck Body Styles Explained

When window shopping for a truck the choices on offer can be overwhelming. Just as there are numerous dealers making trucks, there are also a number of different truck body styles to be explained to customers. Here, we will break down the various styles as well as the advantages of each one.

Different Cab, Different Purpose

Whether you are after an extended cab truck, a crew cab or a regular old fashioned truck, lets get the various truck body styles explained so you can make a more informed choice.

The best compromise between a van and a truck is to get yourself a crew cab truck. The crew cab aspect of this truck simply refers to being able to fit a whole crew in the cab and this typically happens with 2 rows of seating which can seat up to 6 people. A crew cab style truck is also known as a double cab truck.

A crew cab offers plenty of space for tools and equipment in the back too in the pick up style load area. A good purchase in this style in the UK market is the Iveco Daily Crew Van which is a great all rounder.

Another truck body style worth noting is the extended cab style truck. This cab, which boasts 2 doors, comes with one row of seating which you can access by the doors plus space behind with more seating without any door access. These type trucks are not suitable for packing lots of people into the cab, especially not for long journeys. They do offer plenty of storage space for tools that need to be minded though.

Old Fashioned Truck

To conclude truck body styles explained, we have the traditional pickup truck body style. This truck is suitable for 1 or 2 man teams where no equipment needs to be carried in the cab. With just one row of seating and no space behind inside the cab, tools and equipment are all carried on the load area behind the cab only.

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