TTX01—The Fastest Electric Superbike

Revealed at the 2008 NEC Bike Show in the U.K. is the world’s fastest electric superbike, the TTX01, a street legal racer (in the U.K.), with a top speed of 125mph, and promising zero emissions.

Built off the chassis of a Suzuki GSX750, the TTX01 is powered by two 43 bhp Agni Lynch electric motors—which are at par with the peak power of a 600cc gasoline powered motorcycle, and can do 0-60 in 3.5 secs. The TTX01 has an additional motor on the front wheel creating a 2WD motorcycle which gives better handling and roadholding abilities, especially under wet road conditions. Currently powered by 14kWh battery packs, the production model might eventually have hot swappable 20kWh batteries that can power the bbike at normal road speed for up to 50 miles. Recharge time for the batteries should be under two hours.

Although not commercially available yet, limited production is scheduled for the end of 2009, and the price tag is estimated at UK 20K pounds or $30,000. The TTX01 is currently on a promotional tour of Europe before returning to the UK for the TTX GP race next June.

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