TVR Returns to the Road

After a year in the wilderness TVR has confirmed its return to the British sports car scene. The historic and happy news has not been supported with information on any new models, but only weeks after the firm’s official site reopened with the words “Never Say Never” and the TVR logo on the home page, the British sports car maker has confirmed that “the distant rumble of rumour has turned to thunder and TVR is back in Britain”.

The sports car maker closed their doors in July 2012 after owner Nikolay Smolensky failed to find investors, but last month Smolensky was able to find a buyer in Surrey based businessman Les Edgar, who has acquired the intellectual property rights in an undisclosed deal. Edgar’s playing his cards close to his chest but he told press that he will be “following up with more information, extremely soon.”

A non-disclosure agreement is causing Edgar to stay tight lipped about the deal but he added, “There’s a lot of planning and forethought that’s gone into this. Watch this space.” The announcement has got the attention of the press and public and of course rumours are already circulating as to the reinvigorated manufacturer’s first new model. A website that’s totally independent of TVR has already claimed that an insider’s given them the scoop that a new car is in the offing which will be “half the price of a Ferrari and probably as fast.” But Edgar has played down any speculation for now.

TVR has a checkered history and has been owned by many different businessmen. It was thought to be lost forever when it closed in 2012, so enthusiasts across the world are celebrating the news. As are TVR owners because part of the announcement confirmed that the reinvigorated company will produce parts for existing cars.

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