Tyre pressure of the jaguar pirelli

The tyre pressure in the Jaguar Pirelli tyres must be monitored closely for optimum safety and comfort.  The tyre pressures must be checked regularly so as to properly maintain the manufacturers recommended tyre longevity.  To inflate below the recommended pressure a driver will run the risk of the tyre overheating whilst in motion and can cause early tyre wall wear resulting in the tyre material and tread wearing away too soon. To inflate the tyres too much results in a possible tyre blow out at high speeds or when cornering sharply.

To find your tyre pressure specifications in a Jaguar simply locate it on a label under the driver’s side fascia.  On some Jaguar models it can be a bit of a rummage to locate and read it properly but once found note down the pressures. 36 psi is recommended for the front tyres and 34 psi for the rear tyres.

Pirelli tyre manufacturers are famous for producing very high quality and reliable tyres.  They recommend especially for their low profile tyres that as the tyre goes through its normal life cycle that they be checked by a reputable Pirelli dealer for signs of undue wear resulting from incorrect tyre pressures.  This should be done at least every two weeks for safety and peace of mind at least.Correct wheel alignment is also very important as this can also impact negatively on a tyres wear if allowed to become a problem.

Any Jaguar car that a customer buys fitted with Pirelli tyres will eventually find the optimum tyre pressure for their particular model as the car settles into the habits of its particular owner.  Nonetheless, attention to your own car’s tyre pressure will ensure your safety and comfort for the lifetime of your car and of course your tyres.

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