Looking for the best prices on tyres and exhausts online?

If you own a car you've got to worry about your insurance, motor tax, fuel and regular services, so the last thing you should be concerning yourself about is paying over the odds for car parts such as tyres and exhausts. Even though we all live in hope that our car will keep going as it is forever, the fact of the matter is that things can happen and eventually you're going to need to pick up a new part for your vehicle.

While there are plenty of great mechanics out there who can find your reliable parts at reasonable prices, it seems that many people are more than willing to just sit back and absorb costs for replacement parts, even if the parts being ordered are coming at a far higher price than can be found online.

This is why we recommend that you never agree to buying parts, including tyres and exhausts, directly from a mechanic without knowing the price in advance. In many cases the mechanics will be buying them direct from high street car part retailers and adding on their own fee on top of it. This can often amount of you paying in the region of 40% more for the part than you would by checking out one of the more reputable retailers online.

For example, at blackcircles.com you tyres from known brands such as Avon, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Dunlop can be bought for a wide range of vehicles for as little as 50-60% the high street charge. You can contact them at 0845 620 2000 to enquire about any specific models you had in mind.

Alternatively you could take a look at buypartsby.co.uk, a site that gets you the very best price on your car parts by allowing you to search by your car make, model, engine size and year. You can make some serious savings on brand name exhausts just by taking the time out to search. If you're not particularly computer savvy and would prefer to order over the phone, you can try calling them at 0115 983 5280.

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