We check out ETB Tyres in Gloucestershire

Originally founded in 1980 in Worcester, ETB Tyres is a family run business that specialises in fitting exhausts, tyres and batteries as well as servicing and maintenance for a wide range of automobiles. We had heard plenty of great things about them so we decided it was high time we check them out for ourselves and report back to our loyal readers with our findings.

The main difference between ETB Tyres Gloucestershire and the vast majority of other service stations and parts retailers you'll have come across in your time is the fact that everything feels so friendly. It's hard to explain really, and it is likely to stem from the fact that the company still prides itself very much in the fact that it is a family run business, and with that comes a level of interaction and intimacy that many of us just aren't used to these days.

Even the company's website, located at www.etbryres.co.uk, gives off that very same feeling of self assured confidences, while still being as welcoming as possible at all times.

Located at 4200 Oakfield Close, Twekesbury Business Park, Twekesbury, Gloucestershire GL20, ETB Tyres offer literally everything you could need for your car. Whether you need an oil change or you'd like to avail of the free exhaust check, tyre check, brakes check or battery check offered online to all customers, their friendly staff is bound to have whatever you need.

They also carry out MOT inspections too, so if your car is approaching that age, you'll know where to go. If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about yourself, you can give them a call at 01684 298844 or pop in to see them in person from 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, or 8am to 4pm on Saturdays.

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