Uber advantages ¿better than taxis?

Car sharing makes a lot of sense when your alternatives are buses, trains or bicycles but sometimes you can’t find anyone in your place of work to car share with. That’s where Uber could come in. We’ll take you through the Uber advantages and disadvantages so you can see if the site’s right for your commuting needs or for any other trip.
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Visitors to uber.com get the chance to submit a trip request which is then routed to the firm’s collection of taxi drivers. The main difference with Uber is that they don’t rely on traditional taxi drivers to create a fleet of cars. Instead they have crowd-sourced taxi drivers.


The firm’s pricing structure is very similar to the one used in most taxis as your journey is calculated using a meter. The difference is that you pay Uber rather than the driver and your journey isn’t just charged based on the distance, it’s also metered using the amount of time spent in the car. The drivers are unlicensed but they have to havecommercial insurance and a private-hire licence in order to be accepted as Uber drivers.


If you’re interested in carpooling rather than taxi hire, Uber have you covered there too thanks to UberPool. This isn’t the traditional model of matching you with someone travelling to the same destination on a regular basis. Instead Uber links you with another users who’s heading in the same direction and allows you to both share the taxi costs.

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You should head to uber.com/Sign-Up if you’re interested in using their service. If you’re purely after a car sharing site for your regular commute to work though you should check out carpooling.co.uk and karzoo.co.uk.

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