When it comes to saving a few pennies some people will do whatever it takes, even if it makes them spill out the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard and in the process make them look one door short of a hatchback.

Southwark Council in London have released a list of poor excuses motorists have used to try and avoid paying parking fines and some of them are real bobby dazzlers. Top the of list of drivel is the excuse that a driver was distracted by a UFO, whilst another bright spark blamed his eyesight, saying he was colourblind and thought that the yellow line was a green line. One dimwit even said: ‘it was raining. I thought I could park anywhere if the weather was bad.’

Gill Davies, the councillor who heard the excuses, described driver imagination as ‘quite impressive, but UFOs and colour blindness unfortunately do not count as legitimate reasons to overturn a ticket.’

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