What is the world's ugliest car?

Over the years there have been a few hideous cars rolling off the production line. Of course people have different views on what constitutes a good looking car and what constitutes an ugly car, but there are a few models that even the designer feels the need to apologise for. So what is the ugliest car of them all? Here we will have a look at some of the top contenders.

Starting off is the 98-04 model Fiat Multipla - a car that was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1999. Maybe an artist wanted to show reasons why a designer should be fired. It is a good car, but that doesn't stop it from being ugly! In the 1999 Top Gear awards, it was voted Ugliest Car of the Year - and the award went to a worthy winner. Fiat have had some great looking cars, especially the original Fiat 500, but this is a train wreck in comparison.

Bryan Nesbitt is the man responsible for the Chrysler PT Cruiser. At its launch, the photographers had a difficult job making it look good. From every angle it looks horrible: from the front, the side, the back, even with a beautiful sunset behind the car and in reduced light it still doesn’t look good.

We're staunch Toyota lovers here, so this one is hard to admit, but Toyota threw out an ugly car: the Prius. The first and second generation Prius just look boring. They aren't hideous cars but there is nothing pretty or good looking about them either. Thankfully though the Prius has had a facelift and looks much better now.

So what is the ugliest car? The Ford Scorpio? The Chrysler Neon? They are pretty ugly but nothing compared to the ugliest of them all - the Pontiac Aztek. Wayne Cherry hang your head in shame! It tops pretty much every list of ugly car and rightly so; if you didn't know much about it you might think that it was a bad 80s car, but in face it was released in 2001-2005.

If you felt bad for the people trying to make the PT Cruiser look good, they had it easy in comparison! Some people say the car could save GM and that they were brave for trying something new... maybe they should have tried something else.

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