UK Survey Says ‘Cabbies Are the Most Irritating Drivers!'

According to a recent survey from insurance company Admiral, cabbies were voted the least courteous and irritating of all drivers in the UK. Young motorists, van drivers and bus drivers were also considered to be rude on the road.

Elderly drivers were regarded as the most polite, but were second only to taxi drivers as being the most irritating according to the survey.

These were the drivers considered the least courteous on the road:

  1. Taxi drivers
  2. Van drivers
  3. Teenage drivers
  4. Bus drivers
  5. 4x4 drivers
  6. Executive car drivers
  7. Lorry drivers
  8. Sports car drivers
  9. Elderly drivers
  10. People-carrier drivers

"We asked motorists a range of questions to find out just how courteous they are when they get behind the wheel, and most do show consideration to other road users,” said managing director for Admiral, Sue Longthorn.

"Although we like to think of ourselves as a courteous nation, it's clear that sometimes the pressure and stress of driving today can get the better of us and courtesy goes out the window," she said.

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