United Kingdom motorists - check your stud count if you're buying alloy wheels

Fancy a new set of alloy wheels? Wait a minute, stud! What? No, we're not being fancy. We mean it - wait a minute: studs! Have you thought about your stud situation?

OK, we're not explaining ourselves very well. Different alloy wheels have different numbers of 'studs,' which are really screws which connect the wheel to its hub. Some have 5, some 6, some more or less. If you're getting an official wheel from your car's manufacturer, nothing to worry about. But if you're ordering from a specialist wheelmaker, you'll need to get the number right.

Fortunately, it's easy - a quick check of the official wheels for your car will show you the number of studs. If your dream wheel doesn't come in the right flavour, there are adapters available from the likes of Performance Alloys where you can get United Kingdom stud alloy wheels.

Good luck, stud! OK, we'll stop flirting with you now.

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