Have a Pair of Universal Snow Chains in Your Car This Winter

The majority of snow chains require that you buy them according to the size of your tires, but with universal snow chains, this isn’t necessary. If you drive more than one car and have regular snow chains, knowing which set goes with which car can turn into a confusing mess if they aren’t kept strictly separated. With universal chains, there is no confusion because you know that the chains you have are going to fit.

Why You Need Snow Chains

A lot of people don’t think that they need snow chains because they have winter tyres. Most of the time, snow tyres are probably going to be adequate to get you around when the weather turns bad. If you live in an area where snow is a common occurrence during the winter months, having a set of snow chains in your car may be the only way you’ll get home.

Types of Universal Tyre Snow Chains

There aren’t many universal chains that can fit any size tyre. Chains need to fit over the tyre snugly in order to provide proper grip and stay in place. Here are two types of snow chains that will fit most any automobile.

Chain and spring assembly: This type is a chain that fits around the tire and is held in place by a series of spring-mounted hooks. The hooks are placed in the wheel well for a snug fit. They cost about £6.50 each.

Snow and mud belts: These are a set of (usually) 12 belts that go through the wheel well and around the tyre. Each belt is attached and tightened individually. A set of these runs around £102.99.

You never know during the winter when the snow may pile up. Universal snow chains are a good tool to have in your emergency kit in your car.

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