Use alloy wheels on your Ford Mondeo for a better look and performance

What is an Alloy Wheel?

Traditionally, manufacturers fit steel wheels to their cars. They are strong and cheaper than alloy wheels, but they are also heavier and less attractive.

Alloy wheels are made from a mixture of Aluminium and stronger metals. These wheels are larger, lighter, better at dispersing the heat generated from braking and are better looking.

Which Alloy Wheels?

For alloy wheels on a Ford Mondeo, use Ford alloys. Visit fordonlineparts.co.uk for genuine ford alloy wheels.

They range in price from £122.98 for a twenty four spoke to £177.45 for a five spoke wheel (prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from the website).

T.C.Harrison offer genuine Ford Mondeo alloy wheels at their dealerships in Derby, Burton, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Stamford and St. Neots.

Parts can also be ordered online at tchfordparts.co.uk. There is currently 20% discount on many alloy wheels for the Ford Mondeo. They range in price from £131.18 to £208.76 (prices correct as of September 2011 and taken from tchfordparts.co.uk).

Alloy Wheel Care

Before fitting Ford alloy wheels on your Mondeo, apply several layers of polish. This gives the wheel added protection against the harsh road conditions they're going to experience.

Ensure your wheels maintain a smooth surface by cleaning without using scourers, brushes or anything with an abrasive surface. Hose off all bits of dirt before polishing. Avoid using car wash cleaners as these too can scratch the surfaces of the alloy wheels.

The alloy wheels on your Ford Mondeo will have cost a small fortune. They are going to be used in difficult road conditions so look after them properly and they will look pristine for a very long time.

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