Used BMW motorcycles - where to get them

BMW produce a wide range of high quality and affordable bikes. The following are the top dealerships selling used BMW motorcycles in the UK.

Allan Jefferies BMW Motorcycles

Allan Jefferies has been a specialist BMW dealership since 1971. Their showroom is located in Shipley in West Yorkshire. They have a full range of current BMW models on display. They also have a number of demo bikes that can be taken out for a test drive at any time. They currently have close to 50 used BMW bikes in stock ranging in price from around £3,500 to over £10,000.

Vines BMW Bikes

Vines Bikes have two showrooms in Guildford and Caterham. They stock a range of BMW models, clothing and accessories and provide full services. They have a friendly and experienced staff that are passionate about what they do. Vines also offer tailored BMW finance packages to suit your requirements and budget. This includes a 0% finance option for BMW hire purchase.

Williams Bikes

Williams Bikes is an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. They have a wide choice of used motorcycles which have been approved and are off the highest quality. They also have a team of highly trained technicians who provide a full range of motorcycle services. They are located in Chester Road, Old Trafford in Manchester and are open 7 days a week.

Clarkes BMW Motorcycles

Clarkes are based in southern Birmingham and serve the whole West Midlands. All used bikes are examined and prepared by BMW technicians. They currently have over 30 approved used bikes in stock with prices starting from £4,499.

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