Buying used car parts in London

Buying used car parts is good for the environment, it's good for your bank balance and they can be just as good for your car as new parts. Many parts salvaged at scrapyards have years of life in them, so where should you go for used car parts in London?


The capital is home to lots of scrap metal recycling yards, so there are plenty of places to buy used car parts in London. Some yards specialise in recycling, others in salvaging parts for specific vehicles, such as caravans or commercial vehicles, and others like Auto Recoverys in Tottenham and Metro Car Breakers in Hendon, sell the parts they recover to the public.

Low cost parts

These recycled parts provide low cost components to garages, repair centres, insurance companies and vehicle owners. Although they have been used before, each part is checked and cleaned before it’s sold to the public.

Stock levels

As the parts stocked by these breakers yards come from written off vehicles, you can't guarantee that your local yard will have the part you need. Thankfully, most yards maintain their stock levels on a database and some, like Metro Car Breakers, open their stock list to the world through the web.

All parts available

The parts available can be anything from a new headlight cluster to body panels, and you can be assured that the part you buy has everything you need to fit it, so boot lids come with locks and hinges, and doors have handles, locks and glass. Low mileage gearboxes and engines are also available from scrapyards, but you may find that the normal 60 to 90 day guarantee doesn’t offer enough peace of mind when buying an integral part of the car.

Final word

With the current state of the economy more items are being recycled and sold on than ever before. The market for used car parts in London is just as buoyant as in other places, but in major cities like London there is more choice of scrap metal yards and parts retailers.

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