Where to buy used cars in Kent

Buying a used or new vehicle is an eternal question faced by potential or existing car owners. It all boils down to budgets, lifestyles, and personal preferences. True, brand new cars have a lot of advantages for you can choose the colours, options, make, and everything else you want customised. Used cars in Kent can, however, be great bargains if you know where to search.

Where to look

  • Autotrader(autotrader.co.uk)

The website has an easy layout and if you want to browse through their listings you can do it without hassles. Sort cars by price, models, mileage or location to find the car of your choice.

  • Kent Motors (kentmotors.co.uk)

You can also put an ad on this website for used cars in Kent for a fee. Images can be uploaded to improve visibility and maybe make a sale. There are thousands of used cars in stock so make use of the site’s filters to narrow down your choices.

  • Ebay

Ebay is a popular place to look for practically anything under the sun including used cars in Kent. You can stumble on gems if you’re browsing at the right moment.

  • Craigslist and Gumtree

Both sites are dedicated to classified ads, there's a high probability you'll find bargain deals in there for used cars in Kent. There is no fee to put personal adverts.

  • Auto Scout 24 (autoscout24.eu)

Auto Scout24 is specific for used cars only. You can place an ad for free and upload a few pictures of the vehicle. The site lists cars for sale in at least 18 EU countries if you’re interested in getting a vehicle outside of the UK.

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The pitfall

Still, the best option to find used cars in Kent is through word of mouth. For instance, you might have friends and colleagues who intend to sell their vehicles for a fair price. In such cases, there is no middleman, so you eliminate extra fees. Like all things bought secondhand, be fully aware of what you're getting like absence of warranty. You should also have the proper documentation and transfer of ownership.

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